Karen earned both a BA in English (minor in TESOL) and an MA in TESOL from Brigham Young University in Provo. She has been teaching ESL for 20 years, and has taught in Taiwan, China and the UK in addition to teaching in the United States. Karen joined the Selnate family 8 years ago. She speaks Mandarin and has been blessed to participate in many exciting activities on several continents including climbing the Great Wall of China, and in 1995 she was able to stand in the middle of Tiananmen Square and feel the strong spirit of all the protestors. She enjoys lots of sports but especially likes tennis. She was lucky enough to attend the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament the two summers she taught English in the UK, and even was able to celebrate her 50th birthday by eating strawberries and cream while watching tennis matches. Along with teaching classes, Karen is Selnate’s director and ensures the smooth functioning of the school and works hard to make Selnate a great place for students to study.