Our faculty are second to none in education, teaching experience, and living abroad. No wonder our students love our teachers!

Summer 2018 Selnate Faculty

Karen - Director

Karen earned both a BA in English (minor in TESOL) and an MA in TESOL from Brigham Young University in Provo. She has been teaching ESL for 20 years, and has taught in Taiwan, China and the UK in addition to teaching in the United States. She speaks Mandarin and specializes in teaching TOEFL speaking.

Erin - Operations Manager

Erin graduated with BA Linguistics and MA TESOL degrees from Brigham Young University in Provo and has been teaching ESL for over 10 years. She has lived in Romania and Belgium and visited several other counties. Erin is a fluent in Spanish and enjoys practicing and studying other languages.  She has tutored students of all ages in ESL, Vocabulary, Reading, Writing and ACT/SAT test prep.

Darcy - Assistant Director

Darcy Whetten Santana earned her M.A. in TESOL from BYU in 2013. She has taught adults and children in the USA, South Korea, and Nepal. She loves traveling and learning about cultures and languages. She is currently learning Portuguese and she is always making plans to travel somewhere new! Her favorite thing about teaching ESL is seeing students build bridges across their cultures.

Candice - Office Manager/ TOEFL Prep Instructor

Candice Snow received her Master's in TESOL at BYU and has over four years of teaching experience as well as over eight years of tutoring experience. She has taught all skills of English at a variety of levels, and is also familiar in preparing students for the TOEFL as well as GRE. She enjoys blogging, music, basketball, origami, cooking, and trying new international foods.


Annette- Instructor

Annette has an AA from BYU Provo and a BA TESOL from BYU-Hawaii.  She has been teaching ESL for over 30 years, including to refugees in the Philippines. Annette loves taking photos and baking cakes. One of the reasons she loves teaching English is that it allows her to learn more about different cultures, traditions, religions, and histories.

Sarah- Instructor

Sarah has been an ESL teacher for 9 years. She has taught classes in all skill areas, but really enjoys teaching reading and  grammar. She studied German, Spanish, and Hebrew, and is teaching herself Korean right now. She also loves to read, sing, cook, and watch international TV and movies.


Gwen - Instructor

Gwen graduated with a Master's degree in TESOL from Brigham Young University in April 2018.  She has taught and tutored both young learners and adults in the United States, the Czech Republic, and South Korea.  Her experience includes conversational English, language test prep, and academic English reading, speaking, listening, and writing. When she’s not teaching, Gwen can be found playing bluegrass music with friends, taking walks and hikes, reading books, or attending concerts.

Ashley - Instructor

Ashley Harris graduated with her BA in English Language and TESOL Certificate from BYU in 2018. She is currently earning her Master’s in TESOL from BYU. She loves teaching speaking and listening and helping students learn how to communicate effectively. Her favorite part of being a teacher is learning about new cultures.

Kayla - Tutor

Kayla is a current student at Brigham Young University pursuing a degree in Linguistics and a minor in TESOL. She has worked with refugees learning English and speaks French.


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