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Why You Should Study English in Utah

What makes Utah such a great place to live and study English? Not only was Utah recently ranked as the #3 Overall Best State in the United States by US NEWS, but here are the 5 more reasons why you should study English in Utah.

  1. Outdoor adventure: If you study English in Utah, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for fun and adventure on the weekends. Utah has 5 National Parks,44 state parks, and many more recreational areas. There is plenty to do in the summer: hiking, boating, fishing, camping, off-road vehicles, you name it! You can even look for real dinosaur bones 
  2. Winter sports: Utah is famous for skiing, snowboarding, sledding and all winter sports. In fact, it was home to the 2002 Winter Olympic games. When you’re not studying English in Utah, you can use the Olympic facilities such as at Peaks Ice Area in Provo, Utah and Solider Hollow in Midway Utah.
  3. Best Universities and Colleges: US NEWS also ranked Utah #3 in “Best States for Higher Education” including #1 in low debt at graduation and #4 in lowest cost of tuition and fees. If you study English in Utah, you can transfer to one of Utah’s top universities. If you study English at Selnate International School, you don’t need to submit a TOEFL score at one of its 15 university partners, with a Selnate graduation test.
  4. Silicon Slopes: Utah is one of the biggest tech and entrepreneurial states outside of California, which is why it’s called Silicon Slopes. In 2016, CNBC named Utah the Top State in the US to do business. That makes Utah a great place to make professional connections after you study English.
  5. People and Communities: People in Utah are extremely friendly, very educated, communities are safe and have low crime, and the cost of living in Utah is lower than other states in the US. Moreover, Utah is the #1 state for dual-immersion schools for children. Not only can you study English in Utah, but your children can too.  Utah is also home to professional sports teams —Basketball, Soccer, Baseball and Hockey, making Utah a fun place for any sports fan. 

If Utah sound like a great place to you,  Selnate International School in Provo, Utah is the perfect place where you can enjoy small class sizes and all the benefits of living in Utah. Contact us today for more information!