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What is the key to Selnate's success?

In a recent survey, past Selnate students shared some amazing information, including:

  • A whopping 96% of Selnate students that wanted to go to college were admitted.
  • 86% reported passing the TOEFL, and 100% passed the GRE.
  • Graduates reported they were very confident in their abilities to communicate in English.

See below for a sample from their comments, or click here for testimonial videos from our graduates!

Our reputation speaks volumes.

Our reputation speaks volumes.

See for yourself!

What do past students like about Selnate?  Some of their actual comments:

  • The system of learning and how it feels like college.
  • The friendliness of the institution. I felt right at home in a very stressful time of my life.
  • Have good sources of information (TOEFL, GRE).
  • High standard compared to other schools in Orem or Provo.
  • The opportunity of staying in USA, with a family that speaks English. This one of reasons I loved it!
  • The program, the location, the teachers and the relationship they build with all the students.
  • The flexibility of the professors.  All teachers are friendly and helpful.
  • The activities on Friday-- they helped us get to know each other and see lots of fun things in Provo.
  • I could make many friends from all over the world.
  • The teachers really know how to teach.
  • People are so friendly and willing to help. It helped me build confidence in my English ability.

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The one thing I liked at Selnate is simple, but very meaningful to me because it allowed me to survive in the USA: "Hi! How can I help you?" Thank you (Selnate). I was victim of injustice. I needed to be listened to. They listened to me at Selnate. I studied there very well. I passed the TOEFL test. I graduated from the law school. I went back to my country with dignity of a human being. -Aboubacar G. (Mali)

I really enjoyed studying at Selnate. I think it's the best school to study. - Elisa N. (Japan)

I will always be grateful for all the help you gave me. We, including my family, are happy to have a friend in Selnate. - Richard V. (Peru)

 I have visited other schools in the area and chose Selnate because you are a REAL school with REAL teachers. - Laura C. (Angola)

Thank you for your support and being next to me all the time.  I will appreciate you for life for what you have done for me.  I don't know how to pay it back, except to keep sending students your way.  I am a son of this school for life. - Waleed A. (Saudi Arabia) 


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Makoto (Japan)

Makoto passed the TOEFL and GMAT at Selnate, got his MBA from BYU, and now works for Microsoft.

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“ I have visited other schools in the area and chose Selnate because you are a REAL school with REAL teachers.” Apply now!
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