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Selnate offers the following housing options:

  1. Homestay.
  2. Apartments.
  3. Hotels.


Most of our students have the opportunity to stay with American families. Students who stay with families will receive practical English language and culture experience through interaction with their host families and will have a warm, friendly, safe environment that becomes a home away from home for the student.

Families for intensive English program students provide a bed, desk, and private study area with a native-level English speaking family.  These families live within a 40-minute door-to-door commute from Selnate, usually via public transportation (UTA bus) and provide 3 meals per day, although lunch on school days is a sack or box lunch from home.


  • $175 - One time, non-refundable application fee
  • $3,100 - Homestay fee per semester. Includes 3 meals/day, own room, bed, desk, and chair.

Download a homestay application hereClick here for more information about homestay.

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Apartment living provides opportunity for independent living and housing close to Selnate.  Selnate can either find an apartment for you for a fee, or you are welcome to find an apartment on your own.  Depending upon the time of year, it can be quite easy or quite difficult to secure an apartment.  Most apartments require a one-year minimum contract.

To request Selnate's help in finding an apartment, submit an Apartment Assistance Application.  Selnate can help you find an apartment for a small fee of $150.00. We will help you through the entire apartment finding process and provide continuous support during your time at that apartment as long as you are a student at Selnate.  We seek to provide reasonable support for any student housing issues.

Click here for more information about apartments.

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Many students will opt to rent a hotel room for a few days to look at apartments and decide where they will live. There are several hotels in the Provo/Orem area that are convenient.

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