Selnate provides assistance in finding an apartment nearby, or you find one on your own.

There are many apartment complexes with single or shared rooms available for rent in Provo. Some options closest to the school are the Glenwood, the Riviera, Alpine Village, and Cinnamon Tree, with many smaller privately rented complexes around the area.

Apartment living provides opportunity for independent living and housing close to Selnate.  Selnate can either find an apartment for you for a fee, or you are welcome to find an apartment on your own.  Depending upon the time of year, it can be quite easy or quite difficult to secure an apartment.  Most apartments require a one-year minimum contract.

To request Selnate's help in finding an apartment, submit an Apartment Assistance Application.  Selnate can help you find an apartment for a small fee of $150.00. We will help you through the entire apartment finding process and provide continuous support during your time at that apartment as long as you are a student at Selnate.  We seek to provide reasonable support for any student housing issues.

We also provide a homestay opportunity for most students.

Selnate can help you find a great apartment.

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Selnate also participates in BYU’s Off-Campus Housing program, meaning that Selnate students may stay in BYU-approved housing if they wish.  In order to do so, however, students must agree to abide by the BYU Honor Code. This option provides several options for housing that are very close to Selnate.

BYU Honor Code: As a matter of personal commitment, students of Brigham Young University are expected to demonstrate in daily living on and off campus those moral virtues encompassed in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and will:

  1. Be honest
  2. Live a chaste and virtuous life

This includes pornography and other erotic or indecent material

  1. Obey the law and all campus policies
  2. Use clean language
  3. Respect others
  4. Abstain from alcoholic beverages, tobacco, tea, coffee and substance abuse
  5. Observe Dress and Grooming Standards
  6. Obey off-campus visiting rules
  7. Participate regularly in church services
  8. Encourage others in their commitment to comply with the BYU Honor Code

Students are expected to help their guests and other residents understand and fulfill their responsibility under the Residential Living Standards.  Students failing to maintain the Residential Living Standards will be subject to disciplinary action.  Violation of these standards by the student shall be sufficient cause for eviction.

For more information about the BYU Honor Code, see

Selnate also provides homestay.

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