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ESL Homestay: A potential life-changing experience to enhance and deepen any international student's education in Utah!

Most of our students have the opportunity to stay with American families. Students who stay with families will receive practical English language and culture experience through interaction with their host families and will have a warm, friendly, safe environment that becomes a home away from home for the student.

Families for intensive English program students provide a bed, desk, and private study area with a native-level English speaking family.  These families live within a 40-minute door-to-door commute from Selnate, usually via public transportation (UTA bus) and provide 3 meals per day, although lunch on school days is a sack or box lunch from home.

Selnate host families are screened carefully and matched to meet the needs of students.  Selnate families generally do not provide room and board only, but provide a cultural immersion experience where the student is able to join the family in daily life and receive support.  Students are given 2-3 days to confirm that they are comfortable with the family, and afterwards may request a change for any reason with at least 4 weeks' notice.

We do all we can to help resolve problems as they arise, and all students and host families are encouraged to contact us immediately if there are any concerns or uncomfortable situations which seem unresolvable.

Selnate carefully matches each student with a suitable family in order for both the student and family have an enjoyable experience.

Selnate offers several types of ESL homestay experiences, including homeschooling, long-term, and short-term stays.


  • $175 - One time, non-refundable application fee


  • $225/week OR discounted price of $3,100/semester for intensive English program students. Includes 3 meals/day, own room, bed, and private study area.

Contact us for information on other types of homestay, such as homeschooling, business professional homestay, or youth camp ESL homestay programs.

Selnate will attempt to locate a family that meets the requests of the student and is as close to the school as possible. We will do our best to accommodate any reasonable request.

Download the homestay application here and email it back to us.

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We are always looking for new families that are willing to provide this service to an international student. Families do receive compensation for their services. Each host family is generally required to fulfill the following responsibilities, but responsibilities depend upon the individual program:

  • Have a native level English speaking adult living in the home.
  • No other foreign students living in the home.
  • Assist student in getting to and from school by providing transportation (or help with public transportation for long term students).
  • Provide student with own bed and in some cases bedroom (long term students must have their own bedroom with locking door and private study area).
  • Provide 3 meals a day, although the family is not responsible to compensate the student for uneaten meals.
  • Speak English at all times when the guest is present.
  • Involve your guest on outings or weekends.
  • Each family must pass an annual home inspection and simple background check before approval to host will be granted.

If you are interested in becoming a host family, please host family application and return it along with a picture of your family.  Click here for more information.


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