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Full Time Students:

Selnate International School will admit all students 17 or older by the first day of class who show a desire to learn and excel in English who meet applicable immigration policy for study to its’ Intensive English Language Program. Restrictions on admission may be applied if student enrollment for any one nationality exceeds 35%. In this case students will be admitted on a first come first serve basis.

Selnate can consider applicants on a variety of visas.

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Part-time Students:

According to current immigration policy, Selnate accepts students on other visas or who otherwise are able to study in a course incidental to their purpose of visit in the U.S.  Each applicant has their visa status checked and, if they are in status with a visa that permits at least part-time study, they are enrolled.  Part-time students may join full-time students in their classes on regularly scheduled start dates (blocks), but can stop coming anytime.  They are not issued Certificates of Completion, but may receive a Certificate of Participation for the hours they attend, provided they have at least 80% attendance and are making at least average progress (C average in all classes).  Part-time students must agree to the following terms:

  • Students joining classes part-time must not require an I-20, unless they are on approved vacation from their current school.
  • Student must understand clearly that if they are joining a semester in-progress, the teachers are not expected to repeat information already covered earlier in the program.
  • Selnate will strive to place each student in the level which best approximates his/her level at the time classes start, but class size and availability are also factors.
  • Student understands that classes run Monday-Thursday, except for holidays and breaks as shown on the current calendar.
  • Students generally must enter the US on an F-1 student visa if they are to study 18 hours per week or more.  Students entering on almost any other visa that permits part-time study are only eligible to study less than 18 hours per week as per immigration rules.
  • Unless noted otherwise, all paid students (regardless of visa and program type) are eligible to participate in weekly activities and may use computer lab without additional charge.
  • Once classes have begun, no refunds for tuition will be granted.

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Documentation: Students must provide the following documentation to be admitted:

Out of Country F-1 Applicants:

  • Application
  • Application Fee
  • Bank Statement
  • Sponsor Affidavit (only required if bank statement is not in the applying student’s name)
  • Passport
  • Optional SEVIS Fee (students may pay the SEVIS Fee directly or through Selnate

In-Country F-1 Applicants:

  • Application
  • Application Fee
  • Bank Statement
  • Sponsor Affidavit (only required if bank statement is not in the applying student’s name)
  • Passport
  • Transfer Form

Other Visas (which permit study):

  • Application
  • Application Fee
  • Passport

No matter your visa, be sure to plan on attending our mandatory orientation meeting for first-time students.  We will walk you through the important rules related to immigration as well as those specific to our school.  Click here for information on preset dates coinciding with the beginning of each semester, or contact us for other orientation dates.

IMPORTANT! Current students attending school on Selnate-issued I-20s who leave the country for any reason and who intend to return to Selnate must have page 3 of their I-20s endorsed by an Selnate official before leaving the US.


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