Program Dates and Costs

Semester Calendar 

Fall Semester 2018

August 28-30       New Student Placement Test
August 31              New Student Orientation 10 A.M.
September 3         Labor Day Holiday -NO SCHOOL
September 4         Fall Semester Begins
September 24       Late Start 1
October 22            Late Start 2
November 12        Late Start 3
November 21-23  Thanksgiving Holiday- NO SCHOOL
December 7           Last Day of Classes

Winter Semester 2019

January 2-4            New Student Placement Test
January 4                New Student Orientation 10 AM
January 7                Winter Semester Begins
January 14              Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday- NO SCHOOL
January 28             Late Start 1
February 18            President’s Day Holiday- NO SCHOOL
February 25            Late Start 2
March 13-14            Spring Break NO SCHOOL
March 18                 Late Start 3
April 12                    Last Day of Classes

Summer 2019

May 1-2                    New Student Placement Test
May 3                       New Student Orientation 10 AM
May 6                       Summer Semester Begins
May 27                     Memorial Day- NO SCHOOL
May 28                     Late Start 1
June 24                    Late start 2
July 4                       Independence Day NO SCHOOL
July 15                     Late Start 3
July 24                    Pioneer Day NO SCHOOL
August 8                 Last Day of Classes

Fall 2019

Sep 3-5                  New Student Placement Test
Sep 6                      New Student Orientation 10 AM
Sep 9                      Fall Semester Begins
Sept 30                  Late Start 1
Oct 17                     Fall Break— NO SCHOOL
Oct 28                    Late Start 2
Nov 18                   Late Start 3
Nov 27-28            Thanksgiving NO SCHOOL
Dec 12                   Last Day of Classes


Mandatory Fees

Selnate Application Fee (one-time, non-refundable)


SEVIS Fee (required, paid to USCIS)


Levels O-6 (TOEFL Prep




Returning Student Discount


Textbooks and Materials

$300 (approximately)

Health Insurance (may purchase from the school or elsewhere)


Scholarships and Discounts are available. Contact us for more information.

Optional Fees

International Express Mail (Highly Recommended)


Airport Transfer Fee (one-way)


Homestay Application Fee


Homestay Fee (includes 3 meals a day)


Apartment Setup Assistance


Professional Private Tutoring


University Application Assistance (including essay asssistance)

$200 per school

Living Expenses

Student Apartments (Shared)

$1000-2000 per semester

Private Apartment (for Families)

$2800−$3600 per semester

Food Expenses

$600-$1000 per semester Individual)

Estimated amount of Living Expenses (single student)


Total Financial Support Needed per semester







Food and Housing




Payment Options

Selnate accepts payment in the following ways. Application fees and express mail fees (if desired) must be paid before the I-20 will be created.

  1. Cash or check in person (no fee)
  2. Credit or debit card in person (add a 3% processing fee)
  3. Credit or debit card on the website (add a 3% processing fee)Make-a-Payment-button
  4. Bank Wire transfer (fees apply, ask Office for details)
  5. Western Union (English) transfer (education reduced fees )(Chinese) (Japanese)(Portuguese) Selnate Western Union Portal