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Selnate International School’s main objective is to prepare students to succeed in academic, business, or general settings in the United States.

Intensive English as a Second Language Courses.

We provide 18 clock hours of classes each week.  The courses last about 14 weeks and are held 4 days a week (Monday through Thursday). We offer up to 8 levels:

Level 0:  Pre-ESL
Level 1:  Low Beginning
Level 2:  High Beginning
Level 3:  Low Intermediate
Level 4:  High Intermediate/Pre-TOEFL preparation
Level 5A:  Low Advanced/Beginning TOEFL preparation
Level 5B:  Advanced/Advanced TOEFL preparation
Level 6A:  High Advanced/GRE or GMAT preparation, part 1
Level 6B: High Advanced/GRE or GMAT preparation, part 2

We have a tried and tested accredited curriculum with some of the most experienced teachers in the United States, who are here to help you reach your goals. No matter your needs, we will be there to help you succeed!

Semi-intensive English as a Second Language Course.

With certain restrictions, certain types of visa holders and F1 students on approved vacation may qualify to take semi-intensive classes.  These classes range from 1-4 classes per day (4-16 hours per week) and costs are adjusted accordingly.  Click here for more information or contact us.

Custom Short-Term Homestay Plus English and/or Activities.

We custom-build programs for schools and organizations who wish to have a high-quality homestay experience.  We have been conducting such programs in Utah since 1993 with great success, and currently bring over 800 international youth per year to Utah.  Let our years of experience and expertise build a program that is unique and right for you in one of the safest cities in the U.S.!

Business English.

We can also help you with your business needs. We have worked with businessmen throughout the world, helping individuals as well as companies increase their abilities to work in the global market. We conduct a skills needs analysis to determine what skills are desired as a result of the courses, then custom-build programs that include intensive or semi-intensive language, culture, and business curriculum as well as executive business visits.

Want to avoid the TOEFL? We can help with that, too!

Check out our partner colleges and universities.


Most international students also need to pass either the GRE or GMAT to go to graduate school in the U.S. Our teachers are excellent at getting you these rigorous tests. Let us help you fulfill your dreams!

Even if you are not ready for these tests, we can help you get there. Our General English classes will have you well on your way to speaking and working in English fluently in no time. Check out our general English as a second language courses and get started today realizing your goals!

Questions about cost?

Questions about cost?

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If you only have a short time, but want to experience American culture and learn English along the way, we have some part-time options that may help. Or if you want to come as a group, we also have a plan for you. Let us know your needs and we will help you succeed.



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