GRE® and GMAT English Preparation

Level 6 English Classes: Graduate School GRE/GMAT Preparation Courses

We provide 20 hours of classes each week at this level.  Each class is designed to specifically assist international students to prepare for graduate school, including passing the GRE® and GMAT.   The course lasts 14 weeks and is held 4 days a week--Monday through Thursday.  Students must first qualify for this course by either taking our placement exam or by having an minimum score on the official TOEFL.  The course is divided into three main classes: Math Skills, Written Practice, and Verbal Reasoning. If and whenever possible, real retired tests from the official test-makers are provided for practice.  Further, a number of texts and CD’s are available to allow students to take a large number of practice tests both inside and outside of class time.

Please note that schedules and class availability may vary from semester to semester.

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Math Skills: A math review is provided to make sure students are prepared to answer problem solving, data sufficiency, and qualitative comparison questions.  Arithmetic, algebra, and geometry are all reviewed with emphasis on the most common question types.

GRE® and GMAT Written Practice: The teacher will give written tests or overhead practices so that students can first work individually, and then share answers.  This method allows students to see how other students employ strategies and gives a chance for the teacher to explain what tricks the test may have.  By working together, students learn how to solve problems in a variety of ways.

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GRE® and GMAT Verbal Reasoning: Students are given skills in reading comprehension and tested often to help improve comprehension of academic language.  GRE students are taught advanced vocabulary building and shortcuts to correct answers in Reading, Text Completion and Sentence Equivalence question types.  GMAT students are given critical reasoning, integrated reasoning, and sentence correction tips, as well as lists of useful idioms.   Both GRE and GMAT students are given opportunities in this class to use their skills through at least one computer test each week.


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