Private Language Tutoring

We're not just English experts, we're language experts.

We offer in-person, private language tutors at Selnate International School in Provo, Utah. We have Spanish tutors, French tutors, Portuguese tutors and Japanese tutors currently available.

Let us help you reach your language goals with in-person tutoring. We will pair you with an experienced tutor trained in your target language. The tutor will focus on your needs and goals for learning the language and create real tasks for you to work towards and practice. We can also pair you with a native-speaking student to practice with outside of class.

You can choose to focus on any of the following with your tutor:

  • Oral communication skills (speaking and listening)
  • Reading in the foreign language
  • Writing in the foreign language
  • Grammar instruction in the foreign language
  • Business Language
  • Travel Language
  • Conversational Language

We offer Private tutoring in the following foreign languages:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Japanese
  • Other languages may be available on request

All of our tutors have taken a language proficiency test in the foreign language and have received formal training in language teaching pedagogy because it takes more than speaking a language to know how to teach it.

Purchase lessons in blocks of 5, 10 or 20 hours. Receive a 5% discount for purchasing a 20 hour blocks and  a 1 hour credit for each friend you refer who purchases at least 5 hour lessons.

If you don't enjoy your lessons, we will refund any unused lesson time up to 60 days after purchase. Your lesson block hours may be used at anytime within a year of purchase.

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