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TOEFL® and College Preparation

Our TOEFL Preparation courses focus on the skills necessary to pass the new TOEFL iBT test. Each year we help students successfully pass the TOEFL iBT test each year. We have this course divided into 4 main skill areas (TOEFL Reading, TOEFL Listening, TOEFL Speaking, and TOEFL Writing).

Our instructors are well-versed in the iBT and can help students quickly advance and boost their skills for this test.

Please note that schedules and class availability may vary from semester to semester.

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The TOEFL Reading classes help students practice on-screen as well as textbook reading. They learn strategies to analyze reading passages and answer TOEFL-specific reading questions. Extensive reading is required to help increase vocabulary and reading speed.


The TOEFL Listening classes help students learn how to analyze listening and reading passages, take adequate notes, and synthesize the information to answer questions effectively.

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The TOEFL Speaking classes introduces students to TOEFL-type questions as they concentrate on improving pronunciation and fluency. Teachers break down the test into the six question types and help students understand the different test questions and formatting of the test. Using the TOEFL scoring rubric, students practice by recording answers to each question type and taking multiple TOEFL practice tests.


The TOEFL Writing classes help students improve their ability to create essays and learn additional writing strategies necessary to pass the TOEFL, as well as to prepare for college tasks. Writing classes also help students to learn to take notes in a college atmosphere, write papers, and present ideas in a classroom. Our TOEFL Writing class combines grammar and writing into one class.

Selnate International School located at 1502 North Freedom Boulevard, Suite B, Provo, Utah is an approved ETS® Certified Test Administration Site.

For more information regarding ETS or the TOEFL iBT® test, please contact ETS at:
+1-800-GO-TOEFL  (1-800-468-6335), +1-443-751-4862, or


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