Selnate Faculty are trained professionals with degrees specifically in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL). Many of our faculty have studied another language, lived in another country, and have experienced what our students feel when they come to study.

Selnate Faculty demonstrate professionalism in and out of the classroom and attend professional conferences for both Intermountain TESOL and International TESOL. The professionalism and quality of our faculty is what sets Selnate apart from the rest.

Pictured above (L to R) Selnate Faculty and Staff:

Candice Snow, Office Manager, MA TESOL

Erin Shaw Hernandez, Operations Manager, MA TESOL

Karen Bergendorf, Director, MA TESOL

Sarah Lutz, Instructor, MA TESOL

Gwen Gates, Instructor, MA TESOL

Kayla Crandall, Intern, BA Linguistics, TESOL Certificate

Darcy Whetten, Assistant Director, MA TESOL

Ashley Harris, Instructor, BA Linguistics, TESOL Certificate

Annette Stevenson, Instructor, BA TESOL