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The information on this page is focused on our intensive ESL, TOEFL Preparation, and College Preparation courses.

Selnate is interested in the personal growth of each of our students in many areas–not just English improvement. We want our students to be happy and healthy, so we provide student advisement in many languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean (and many others).

Below are some additional services we provide:

  • Greet students at the airport and help them feel comfortable in their new environment.
  • Help in areas of daily living such as setting up bank accounts, using public transportation, and finding doctors who speak the student's language.
  • Help students gain admission to college or to a university, and maintain relations with nearby vocational schools, including computer institutes, beauty schools, and medical and dental schools.
  • A 24-hour emergency number for our foreign students.


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We are here to help our students succeed not just with English, but in life.

We are here to help!

A 24-hour emergency number is provided students, and non-emergency problems are addressed during business hours.  Other related information is provided each student in a current student handbook, and questions may be addressed to individual staff members.  If students need help with translation, a translator is provided.


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