Visa Information

Selnate International School is authorized to issue the I-20 form necessary to apply for an F-1 Student Visa. Selnate is accredited through CEA and is SEVP-certified.

Students may follow the following process to receive a student visa:

  • Apply to Selnate and pay all required application fees
  • Send a copy of your bank statement showing the necessary funds to study, and copy of your passport to Selnate
  • Send an affidavit of sponsor support if the bank statement is not in your name
  • Receive the I-20 that Selnate will mail to you
  • Pay the $200 SEVIS fee (I-901 fee)
  • Make an appointment with the nearest US Embassy to your home country
  • Present necessary documentation at your visa interview
  • Travel to the United States no more than 30 days before the program start date

Students should also know that they are eligible to transfer to another SEVIS approved school at any time, including another English language program if they are accepted. Students may also transfer to University study if they are accepted.

English Language Training students are eligible to work only on campus where they are studying. They are not eligible to work off-campus or participate in CPT or OPT experiences. Selnate does offer a few limited student jobs. Please contact the office for more information.

Please visit the Study in the States website for more information about F-1 Student Visas.

For Transfer students, please fill an out application and a transfer form.